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Is your child beginning to play a musical instrument? Give your kid an amazing woodwind instrument for a perfect start to his musical journey. Choose from our wide selection of flutes, piccolos, and reed instruments. Visit our shop to check out what we have in store for you.

If you're planning to start afresh your musical lessons that you had long forgotten, drop in at our store and pick up a music instrument to revive your passion for music.


At Strait Music, you can get an excellent range of quality woodwind instruments both for beginners and experts. Call us at 360-452-9817 to get a FREE estimate.

Select from our amazing collection of flutes and reed pipes.

  • Flute

  • Piccolo

  • Clarinet

  • Alto sax, tenor sax

  • Oboe

  • Horns

  • Single reed instruments

Get a wide range of top-notch sound equipment at our music instrument store. From amplifiers and speakers to powered mixers, get everything that you desire for your love of music.

Get the best-quality woodwind instruments at our shop. Visit

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Amazing collection of woodwind instruments

Revive your passion for music

Flutes and reed instruments

A wide range of sound equipment

Choose from an excellent collection of woodwind instruments